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Experience Children's Day Celebration

Since 2001 Children's Day Celebration has been celebrating the children of the Highland Lakes and surrounding area. We express to the community that children need more than just an education; they should also be exposed to the concepts of spirituality and morality. By providing these fundamentals to our children, we are empowering them for their future.

About Our Founder

Ely Rodriguez

     Ely was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.  She was the fourth of seven children and moved to Marble Falls, Texas in 1981 where she met and married Ruben Rodriguez.  They have three daughters and one grandson.  Ely became an American Citizen in 1999 and in 2001 completed her GED program in four months.

     At a very young age, Ely discovered her love for God's Son, Jesus Christ and very sincerely wanted to please Him in all that she did.  Her lack of English did not stop her from showing her love to the community of Marble Falls.  Ely returned to Marble Falls where she explored musical performance but found that she preferred

working with and helping children.  She became a volunteer at the schools that her daughters attended where she would read books to the children.  She often played her guitar and sang Christmas and Mexican songs with the children.

     Ely also organized the first Children's Day celebration in 1995 in Marble Falls, as well as the Cinco de Mayo celebration at the Marble Falls Elementary School.  Through her leadership, thousands of children, parents, volunteers, and businesses have shared her dream to celebrate the joy, love, and importance of our children.  She has prepared an instructional review of "How to Produce a Children's Day Celebration" to assist other communities.

     Ely's faith and church is most important in her life.  She has been a member at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church for most of her life.  Over the years she has served as a volunteer leader in children's, youth, women's and music ministries.  Ely joined the Falls on the Colorado Museum Advisory Board in 2011 and now serves on the Board of Directors.

     She never gave up her dream for children, not even while she was dealing with cancer in 2014.  Ely feels very blessed to have spent most of her life in this wonderful, loving community of Marble Falls and will forever be grateful to it for giving her the opportunity to extend unconditional love to the children of the Highland Lakes.  With God, nothing was impossible for Ely.  She wants to keep us together as a community and as a family.  With Him watching her will, she believes she can continue to make a difference in people's lives by contributing her ideas, energy, and enthusiasm.