Children's Day Celebration

Thank you for your interest in Children’s Day Celebration.  Regrettably we have not had enough interest in participation this year to have the event.  Our commitment is to honor our Children on this day by providing them with a fun and enjoyable experience.  Without the support that we have had in the past, we had to make a hard decision to postpone the event until next year, 2020.  Our focus for this year is to build a committed core team in order to do the work needed to make Children’s Day great for all involved.  We appreciate everyone that has been involved in Children’s Day from the beginning.  We truly live in a blessed community.

Children's Day Celebration
Come out and help us celebrate Children's Day in true "Texas Spirit".  Everything is completely FREE for all kids under 14 years of age and there are a variety of learning centers, games/rides, food/drinks, and 100% FUN!


Enjoy Children's Day Celebration by joining us


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Thank You to All of Our Wonderful Sponsors!